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Hunting license Texas

The Ultimate Guide to Getting a Hunting License in Texas


Welcome to Texas, a state renowned for its rich hunting traditions and diverse wildlife. Whether you're a seasoned hunter or new to the sport, this guide will provide you with all the information you need to obtain a hunting license in Texas.

License Validity and Requirements

All hunting licenses in Texas are valid from the date of purchase until August 31. Hunters may need additional endorsements depending on the game they wish to hunt.

Hunting License Types and Eligibility

Hunting licenses are required for anyone (resident or nonresident) wishing to hunt in Texas, with specific licenses available for residents, seniors, youth, and military personnel.

License Fees

The fees for a resident hunting license are $25 for adults, $7 for seniors, and there are also youth hunting licenses available. Licenses can be purchased online or at retail locations.

Popular Game and Hunting Seasons

  • Javelina: Seasons vary by zone, generally between October 1 and February 25.
  • Mule Deer: Season dates differ across regions, with the general season in the Panhandle and Trans-Pecos areas.
  • Pronghorn: The general pronghorn season runs from late September to mid-October in certain counties.
  • White-tailed Deer: Includes general, special late, youth-only, archery, and muzzleloader seasons with varying dates.
  • Upland Game Birds: Includes chachalaca, pheasant, and quail with specific season dates.
  • Turkey: Rio Grande turkey hunting is available in the fall and spring, with different dates across zones.
  • Dove: Season dates vary for the north, central, and south zones, including special white-winged dove days.

Hunting Hours and Suitable Areas

Hunting hours in Texas typically align with sunrise and sunset but can vary depending on the game and season. Texas offers a wealth of hunting areas, from vast public lands to private ranches. Hunters should always ensure they have the proper permissions and understand the rules for each area they hunt in.

Necessary Equipment for Hunting

Essential hunting gear in Texas includes a suitable firearm or bow, appropriate ammunition, camouflage clothing, and safety gear. Additionally, hunters should consider bringing binoculars, a field dressing kit, and navigation tools like a GPS.

Safety and Ethical Practices

Safety is paramount in hunting. Texas hunters should complete a hunter education course and always follow ethical hunting practices. This includes respecting wildlife, following all hunting regulations, and practicing safe firearm handling.

Local Hunting Culture and Etiquette

Texas has a strong hunting culture with deep-rooted traditions. Hunters are expected to respect the land, local customs, and fellow hunters. This includes responsible behavior on public lands and courteous interactions with landowners and other hunters.

Wildlife Conservation and Management

Hunting licenses and fees play a crucial role in wildlife conservation and habitat management in Texas. Hunters play a critical role in maintaining the balance of ecosystems and ensuring sustainable wildlife populations.

After the Hunt: Processing and Cooking Game

After a successful hunt, proper game processing is essential. Hunters should be skilled in field dressing, butchering, and storing game meat. Cooking game meat is an art in itself, and many hunters take pride in preparing and sharing their harvest.


Hunting in Texas is an experience that combines adventure, tradition, and responsibility. This guide aims to prepare you for a respectful and successful hunting journey in the Lone Star State. Respect the wildlife, embrace the culture, and enjoy the unique experience of Texas hunting.

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