PA Hunting Season 2024

PA Hunting Season 2024

Ultimate Guide to Pennsylvania Hunting Season 2024

As autumn leaves begin their colorful transformation, the Pennsylvania hunting community buzzes with anticipation for the 2024 season. From the dense forests of the Alleghenies to the sprawling farmlands of Lancaster County, PA offers a rich variety of game and landscapes, making it a prime destination for hunters. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or new to the sport, here’s what you need to know for a successful 2024 hunting season in the Keystone State.

Key Dates and Species

Pennsylvania’s hunting season spans various dates throughout the year, catering to different types of game. Here’s a breakdown of what to expect:

Deer Season

• Archery (Statewide): Early October to mid-November; late-December to mid-January.
• Firearms (Statewide): Lasts two weeks, typically starting the Monday after Thanksgiving.
• Muzzleloader: Late October to early November for antlerless deer, with additional dates in January.

Turkey Season

• Fall: Varies by WMU (Wildlife Management Unit), typically in October and November.
• Spring: Late April to late May, with specific dates varying by WMU.

Small Game

• Squirrel, Rabbit, Pheasant, and Quail: Generally starts in mid-October and runs into February, with specific dates varying by species and area.

Bear Season

• Archery: Mid-October to early November.
• Firearms: Varies by WMU, with a general season in late November and additional special seasons.

Elk Season

• Archery: Mid-September.
• General: Early November.
• Late Season: Early January.

Licenses and Regulations

Before heading out, ensure you have the appropriate licenses, which can be purchased online through the Pennsylvania Game Commission or at authorized issuing agents. Pennsylvania offers various licenses, including resident, non-resident, junior, senior, and military options. Special permits may be required for certain species like elk or bobcat.

Hunter Safety Course

First-time hunters and trappers must complete a Hunter-Trapper Education course. The PGC offers these courses both in-person and online, covering essential safety, ethics, and regulations.

Gear and Preparation

Successful hunting begins with proper preparation. Ensure your gear is in good condition and suitable for the game you’re targeting. Blaze orange clothing is required for all hunters during firearm seasons for deer, bear, and elk. Additionally, familiarize yourself with the specific regulations and boundaries of your WMU to avoid unintentional violations.

Ethical Hunting Practices

Ethical hunting is at the heart of sustainable wildlife management. Practice fair chase principles, strive for quick and humane harvests, and respect private property boundaries. Additionally, consider participating in the Hunters Sharing the Harvest program, which donates venison to families in need across Pennsylvania.

Conservation Efforts

Hunters play a vital role in Pennsylvania’s conservation efforts. License sales contribute to habitat preservation, wildlife management, and educational programs. By following the season regulations and reporting your harvests, you’re participating in a statewide effort to ensure the health and longevity of Pennsylvania’s wildlife populations.


The 2024 Pennsylvania hunting season offers diverse opportunities for hunters to engage with the great outdoors and contribute to conservation efforts. By preparing ahead, respecting the regulations, and practicing ethical hunting, you can enjoy a rewarding and sustainable season. Stay up to date with the latest information from the Pennsylvania Game Commission and happy hunting!

Remember, regulations can change based on wildlife population assessments and other factors. Always check the Pennsylvania Game Commission website for the most current information before planning your hunting activities.

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