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Hunting License Wisconsin


Welcome to Wisconsin - a paradise for hunters where the lush forests, open fields, and abundant wildlife create a perfect backdrop for hunting adventures. With a rich tradition of hunting, Wisconsin offers not just a sport, but a way to connect with nature and wildlife conservation. This guide is your comprehensive resource for everything about obtaining a hunting license in Wisconsin.

Types of Game in Wisconsin

Hunters in Wisconsin can pursue a wide range of game. Each species offers a unique hunting experience:

  • Deer: The state is renowned for its large deer population. Whether using a bow or a gun, deer hunting is a staple in Wisconsin’s hunting scene.
  • Bear: Offering a more challenging hunt, bear hunting in designated zones is a test of skill and patience.
  • Migratory Birds: The state’s skies are busy with ducks, geese, and other birds, presenting excellent opportunities for bird hunters.
  • Wild Turkey: With both spring and fall seasons, turkey hunting is a favorite among many hunters for its exciting calls and strategies.
  • Small Mammals: For those who prefer small game, Wisconsin’s fields are home to rabbits, squirrels, and other small mammals.
  • Other Game Birds: Pheasant, grouse, and partridge hunting are also popular, providing diverse hunting experiences.

Hunting Seasons

Understanding the hunting seasons is crucial for planning your hunt:

  • Deer: The archery and crossbow seasons typically run from mid-September to early January. The gun season usually takes place in late November.
  • Bear: Bear hunting seasons vary by zone, generally occurring in the fall.
  • Migratory Birds: Seasons for birds like ducks and geese commence in early September.
  • Wild Turkey: The spring season starts in mid-April, while the fall season dates vary.

Hunting License Requirements

To hunt in Wisconsin, you need the right license for your game. The state offers specific licenses for different types of game, ensuring hunters are well-informed about the species they pursue.

License Types and Costs

Licenses vary by type and age group:

  • Resident Licenses: Various options are available for residents, depending on the game.
  • Combination Licenses: These provide a bundle of privileges, such as the Conservation Patron license.
  • General Licenses: For both fishing and hunting, these are available for different age groups and types of game.

How to Purchase a License

Licenses can be easily purchased through the Go Wild website. The site is user-friendly and provides all the necessary information for selecting and buying the appropriate license.

Hunting Hours and Suitable Areas

Legal hunting hours are typically around sunrise and sunset, but they vary by season and game type. Wisconsin offers diverse landscapes for hunting, including public lands and private properties (with permission).

Optimal Hunting Times and Necessary Equipment

The best hunting times usually depend on the game; for instance, deer are most active at dawn and dusk. Essential gear includes firearms or bows, appropriate ammunition, camo clothing, and safety equipment. Also, consider binoculars, a field dressing kit, and a GPS or compass.

Safety and Ethical Practices

Safety is paramount in hunting. This includes completing a hunter education course and understanding the ethical practices of fair chase and respect for wildlife.

Local Hunting Culture and Etiquette

Wisconsin’s hunting culture is rich and diverse. Understanding local hunting etiquette, such as respecting other hunters’ space and following landowner guidelines, is crucial.

Wildlife Conservation and Management

Hunting licenses and fees contribute significantly to wildlife conservation efforts in Wisconsin, helping to maintain healthy wildlife populations.

After the Hunt: Processing and Cooking Game

The post-hunt process is just as important. Tips on field dressing, butchering, storing, and cooking game meat are essential for a complete hunting experience.


Hunting in Wisconsin offers an immersive experience in nature’s bounty. By following this guide, you’re set for a responsible and exhilarating hunting adventure. Embrace the tradition, respect the wildlife, and enjoy the thrill of the hunt!

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