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Montana Hunting - Regulations

2023 Montana Hunting Regulations Guide


Welcome to our comprehensive guide on the 2023 hunting regulations in Montana. As a hunter, it's crucial to stay informed about the latest rules and guidelines to ensure a responsible and ethical hunting experience.

2023 Hunting Regulations Overview

Black Bear

New this year is a 48-hour reporting requirement for all black bear harvests. Additionally, a new black bear season has been introduced in Region 6. It is now lawful to use hounds for spring training and hunting.

Deer, Elk, Antelope

Quota ranges have been added to the district-specific tables for each of these species. These quotas are based on survey data and may be adjusted annually.

Furbearer and Wolf

Trapper education is now mandatory for certain resident trappers. Additionally, the capture of any animal not lawfully trappable must be reported to FWP within 24 hours.

Light Goose

Hunters should note that opportunities to harvest light geese in the spring are limited in the Central Flyway.

Moose, Sheep, Goat, Bison

Similar to deer, elk, and antelope, quota ranges have been established and can be adjusted based on biologists' field data.

Migratory Birds

The Central Flyway is now divided into two zones with different season dates. Hunters should be aware of the split seasons and zone differences.

Mountain Lion

The mountain lion license structure has changed. Be sure to review the regulations carefully and note the deadline for purchasing 2023 licenses.

Upland Game Bird

Turkey regulations are now included in the Upland Game Bird Regulations.

Hunting Licenses and Fees

General Information

All hunters need a Conservation License as a prerequisite. The base hunting license fees vary for residents and nonresidents.

Bow and Arrow (Archery) License

A Bow and Arrow license is required for archery-only seasons or areas. The fees and prerequisites are outlined in the regulations.

Seasons Overview

Montana offers a variety of hunting seasons including a six-week archery season, a general big game season, and more.

License Types

There are two primary types of licenses: General licenses and special limited permits/licenses. Availability varies based on the hunting district and species.

Hunting District Legal Descriptions

The legal descriptions of hunting districts are set by the Fish & Wildlife Commission and are valid through February 2024.


Understanding and adhering to the 2023 Montana hunting regulations is essential for every hunter. We encourage all to practice responsible and ethical hunting.


For more detailed information, please refer to the official Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks website.

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